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Land Rover Discovery
Land Rover Otto Vu

Porsche 356 and Saint Jacob icon
1961 Porsche 356 B by Burago.
Saint Jacob by Broder Ole Støfring, St. Adelbert..

Chevrolet Camaro Z28
Anker AS AmCar gatherings.
Chevrolet Camaro Z28

Fiat 124 Sport Coupe
Fiat 124 Sport Coupe
Going Home in comfort and tip of the finger guidance.
Photographed from an MGB.

Rover 2000 TC
Rover 2000 TC
"... putting it on like a comfortable, old sweater."
CAR and DRIVER May, 1966.

Citröen 2CV
Citröen 2CV
Leonardo da Vinci's and William Shakespeare's chosen vehicle?
The Citröen 2 CVs owned and travelled.
Citröen 2CV models by CVW Designs, Colchester 1985.

1954 MG TF
MG TF 1954
One owner since 1971.
During the sixties it was in San Fransisco, Vancouver,
travelled to Lake Louise, Niagara Falls and England.
In the seventies it travelled to MG Car Club Meetings in Norway
and a Grand Tour of Britain in 1973.

Ferrari museum
Visit to the Ferrari museum Maranello 2001
The holy grails are on the wall. It was a revelation to go on a pilgrimage to Maranello.
The modern Ferraris were too wide and long. The older ones were every bit of the myth.
Absorbing and teleporting me to the day when I asked my father which car was the best in the world.

Chrysler 300 gated
Curated and not curated car collections and things that have come along.

Land Rover Discovery V8
2 Land Rover Discoverys
Owning two Land Rover Discoverys in the face of an Electric Storm.

Opel Rekord Caravan 1964
Opel Rekord Caravan 1964
Growing up with Opels set the precedence for the estate.
Engine power is adequate and the bodywork accommodating.

early Volvo P 1800
Early production test car Volvo P 1800
Every inspiration has its yearning. Quest for 6 cylinder Amazon
The Volvo Amazon’s creator did not get a six-cylinder engine until the Volvo 164.
By then it was too late.

Alfa Romeo Montreal
Alfa Romeo Montreal at NSK Bogstad
The attraction of Alfa Romeo unexplained but lived.