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Land Rover Discovery at Haukeli
Land Rover Discovery at Haukeli

​Old mountain road at Haukeli, Norway.
​Old mountain road at Haukeli, Norway.

Haukeli. A Scandinavian Migration Route

Two photos above are looking west towards Røldal.

The lake in the background is on the east side of the watershed. We are heading west. Haukeli collects several migration routes from the coastline from Kristiansand to Skien. Looking east the water falls toward Skien by the Skagerak Sea. Most long rivers in Norway end up in the Skagerak basin. The short rivers end up in the western fjords. This pattern repeats further north, the Swedish east-flowing rivers ending up in the Baltic sea.

Haukelivegen looking east, Norway.
Haukelivegen looking east, Norway.


We are at the eastern tunnel exit. Ten miles/16 km further west the road and the water falls to the west. This is the real Scandinavia; the edge where the water falls in both directions. One to the east and one to the west, to the fjords and the North Sea. The Hordes came this way and settled in Hordaland. As true Scouts and Discoverers they probably went on across the North Sea to the Shetlands, Scotland, Ireland, Faroes and Iceland, Greenland and ultimately Vinland, America.

This Great Divide phenomenon, the scant, stretches north through Norway and Sweden, and was reported back to the information collectors. In Latin the landscape was given the name Scandinavia.

Haukelivegen looking west towards Røldal, Norway.

​Røldal is straight ahead by the lake. Røldal was a pilgrim center with its church and bleeding Christ icon. The real reason for Røldal’s exsistence is its kingpin position for migration. To the left you go to Rogaland (Sauda and Suldal, Sand, Avaldsnes and Stavanger). To the right you go to Hordaland (Hardanger and Bergen). 15 kilometers along this road there is a divide. 15 kms to the left and west is a fjord. 15 kms to the right is another fjord. This piece of narrow land defines the name Hardanger. The narrowing is an anger, as in angina, and it is the peninsula where the Hordes settled; modern day Hardanger and the Hardangerfjord in Hordaland.

Early camping

Dad and our first car 1963, a Moskvitsch 1954. Camera a Kodak Fiesta, my first.

Old car, dad and goats in the road.

Roadhelp needed. Engine overheated on the Røldal Pass. Norsk Automobil Forening's Mountain Patrol to the rescue, NAF.

NAF road patrol mechanic assisting.

Røldal stave church
Røldal stave church ca 1250, Norway.

Røldal Stave Church (ca 1250) with the perspiring crucifix.

Røldal Camping, Norway.
Summer campsite by the lake in Røldal, no monster here.

Arvid's crossing

Auburn Speedster 866 Haukeli on YouTube

My crossings

Is that a white MGB GT in front of that Volvo Amazon?

We are in a Ford Corsair, meeting a Morris Minor and a VW Beetle. Since you ask, that is an air temperature meter that I glued on to the instrument facia. The scene is from Hardangervidda, a mountain crossing north of Haukeli.

Climbing a pass, a Jochl, near Røldal, heading towards Seljestad and Hardanger. An old migration route to Hordaland county, long before the church was built.

The mountain road and its history: