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MG Midget

"Series TF"

MG TF sports car black and white photo.
MG TF 1954

My TF's History, Changes and Choices

How we came together and stuck together is the story of Jeffery Alan Stewart, Thurid Stewart, the Norwegian MG Register, the MGCar Club, Naylor Brothers, NTG Services, Moss Motors and resisting the pointed challenge from a girlfriend, "You have to choose between me and that car!"
MG TF 1954 ivory and its 2 owners 1961 to present.

Showing "the MG" to former owner Thurid Stewart

MG Friends and Clubs

MG A, Ål i Hallingdal
My first MG photo, June 1964.

Kodak Fiesta.

MG MGB pullhandle
Local MG MGBs and an MGC 1970s

Norsk MG Register badge

Norwegian MG meetings 1970s

NMGR, Norsk MG Register's yearly meetings in the seventies, slideshows. NMGR was the original MG car club in Norway. It was followed by Norsk MG Klubb, now at

MG TF at Haslemoen
1973 at Haslemoen

MG TA at Dokka
1974 at Dokka

MGA Twin Cam at Bessnes
1975 at Bessnes

MG TD TF at Maarud
1976 at Maarud Gard

MG TD Mk2 at Hadeland
1977 at Hadeland

MG VA Tourer at By Gaard
1978 at By Gaard

Ticket Randsfjord ferryTicket Randsfjord ferry

MG B at Hjerkinn
1979 in Trondheim

Ticket NorefjellvegenNorsk MG Register badge

Norsk MG Rally 2017 Haugesund

MG TD and owner Terje Risanger
MG TD and owner Terje Risanger

MG Car Club Meeting Beaulieu 1973

MG TF at Beaulieu 1973
Images from the event


MG TF owners

Photo bought at a Saturday marketstall in Witney, Oxfordshire 1985. The seller thought it showed Mr. and Mrs. Kempster who had a bookstore in Witney. Photographer was Shayler Photos. Ltd.

To pad out the frame this photo was tucked behind:

Unknown person

There was nothing written, but yet another insert contained:
Vandyke Studios, 69 High Street, Weston-s-Mare.

MG R Type

MG R-type 1935
The MG R Type © Tony Hisgett

The MG R Type of 1935 was MG's sensational development of already successful MG racing cars. The R Type was not fully developed, but its technology was to some extent available in the Lotus Elan, Lotus Eclat/Elite, Lotus Europa and the Lotus Esprit.

Lotus Elan leaflet

The technical information Johnny and I used to draw a full scale Elan on my slanted ceiling. What a teenage room!

The chassis is of the central backbone type, same as the MG R Type of 1935.

Would the driving experience of the Elan compared to the MGB have been like the experience between the R Type and a K Type?

jomaha drawing
MG R-type drawing jomaha

Johnny's interpretation of an MG R Type Coupé. Tall thirties chassis, seating and wheels. Morris, Nuffield and BMC should have invested properly. They had the advantage over Jaguar and Ferrari!

American MG

A retrofictional note.

If MG had had as much foresight as we now have hindsight, maybe the company would have set up production in the USA. Much of MG’s technical experience was crafted in the States through high speed records at Salt Lake, racing at Sebring, but most important was the experience of club racers all over the country. MG’s importers would have been able to get the act together. Kjell Quale comes to mind.

The beauty of looking back is that we get to choose engines and developments. The MG A would have been the first American product, derived from the record attempts in Utah. The later MG B would have been an Anglo-Italian beauty with a racy Alfa Romeo engine, built at Abingdon.

Let us choose engine for The MG America. Maybe this choice would have influenced the Buick-Rover engine choice that came later? Before we choose a V8, which four cylinder engine would fit? The Offenhauser, of course! The MG O would have been borne! The oval would have been turned into ribbons of Highways. Hundreds of horsepower on the loose? Would it have fitted the A-bay with some acceptable modifications? No, we could not have had that, could we?

Which six-cylinder, then?

Would someone have suggested the Chevrolet Corvair flat six and put the engine in the back, only turned round and ended up with the MG mid-engined flat six before the Miura? It would not have been called the MG A nor the MG O. It would have been called the MG Bonneville before Triumph could have registered their bike’s name. The MG B, see, only with a full name, not just the letter, the Bonneville. This would have become the other American sports car to the Corvette, this mid-engined flat six monocoque. It should have been deemed Unsafe at any Fast speed!

Which V8 to choose? It would not have mattered. If it fits, it will go! But would it have led to any development? But there was the Novi V8, a race car engine used at the Indianapolis 500. It was also coupled to a four wheel drive system. The MG Novi 4x4 of the sixties. Would it have fitted in the engine bay of the MG B? Would it not have been just right for Range Rover as they brand themselves today? Finance would have been available to the brave Americans.

This is not pure phantasy. The parts were there, the money was there, the market was there, but the people never met up. We would have had to choose names for the babies. The MG Offy, The MG Bonneville, The MG Novi 4x4 Spider, The MG Novi 4x4 Baja.

XPAG Twin Cam heads were produced in the USA, so the engineers were working on their MGs.