Leonardo da Vinci's and William Shakespeare's chosen vehicle?



Gallic/Celtic, Frankish, Lombardian or Tuscan? The Citröen 2 CV is probably the embodiment of Leonardo da Vinci's automotive ambitions.


Leonardo da Vinci's driverless automobile.



Die Ur-Ente



Rav-Bugatti, the Cat.










The day I overtook a Ferrari Dino in the 2CV? I saw the Dino ahead and floored the throttle. The Ferrari went as fast as it could but I went past in glorious style. The 2CV bobbed and oscillated for the time it took the Ferrari Dino to scrape its way over the speed bump. I won!


Mercedes-Benz F1 and more

A Mercedes 200something Diesel stepped on it to get away from the bothersome 2CV in the mirror. The Mercedes -Benz disappeared in its own black smokescreen. I had to give up the chase. Couldn't see a thing. The Mercedes won!


Lotus genie

The Caterham 7 owner in the 2CV passenger seat shifted his weight and foot pressure against the 2CV floor. After that fast 90 degree bend he let the tension go. I chuckled. I won!


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